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Unexpected TCP Reset ("RST") response from Realm leading to disconnect



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    • PC-1.14.3, PC-1.14.16
    • *OS:* Windows 8.1

      *JRE:* 1.8.0_51
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    • Java


      After being connected and authenticated to a friend's Realm, I am disconnected on an inconsistent basis. I have collected the following information:

      • Not a ping timeout, I have a continual 4 connection bars in the player menu ("TAB" menu)
      • Not a bandwidth issue, I have verified more than enough available bandwidth with Speedtest and OptiFine debug output
      • This is only affecting my client on the Realm, all other players do not encounter this issue
      • Reproducible on a clean install
      • The issue happens faster if there are entities present in the server that were not there on last connection. For example, if I timeout during day time and then reconnect at night, the RST packet is received considerably faster than walking around during the day
      • Not a Minecraft account issue. My friend logged into the same Realm from my device except from their account and encountered the same issue

      NOTE: I cannot accurately discern if this issue is related to a disconnection issue of type "Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: Error while read(...): Connection reset by peer". All effects appear the same, but I cannot confirm if this error is being thrown as there is no server log access due to this being a Realm.

      What I expected to happen was...:
      I expected to have a continuously stable TCP connection while playing in a Minecraft Realms "Realm".

      What actually happened was...:
      I connected to the Realm and loading completely into the server. The game is playable and interactable over the network. Without exact known cause, I receive an RST-flagged TCP packet from the server (See attachment: "RST_example.PNG" taken from WireShark). All traffic sent after this point is acknowledged by the server connection ( via TCP "ACK"), but no connection-reliant events are executed client-side (e.g., picking up blocks, entities moving). I am eventually disconnected and shown a "Connection Lost: Timed out" window which redirects me to the main menu.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Start Minecraft Launcher (Administrator Privileges optional)
      2. Open Minecraft with default "latest release" configuration
      3. Select "Minecraft Realms" sub-menu and connect to target Realm
      4. Wait to receive an RST-flagged packet for TCP
      5. Wait for eventual timeout from server




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