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The realm nether portals kill me and my friends when we enter them


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    • MCPE-1.11.3
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    • Xbox windows 10 edition
    • Bedrock

      I was playing on a realm with my friends and I entered a nether portal in the overworld , when I came out in the nether, I then went threw another nether portal and it stayed on the building terrain screen for ages, so I went off minecraft and restarted my xbox. When I entered the realm, it went on the building terrain screen and continued to do this for ages so I decided to play a different game. Then after around 1 hour and 30 minutes, I went back on the realm and it let me on but it came up with the death screen. I had died in the void or sometimes I fall out the world. 

      I would like this fixed as soon a possible because I had put alot of hours into this realm and I lost all my enchanted gear because I was going to go into the end. 

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