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      There has been loading issues that only occured, as far as I know, ingame with 2 player splitscreen. The first loading error encountered was when traveling through the nether portal. Some chunks wouldn't show, but there's still a world there (meaning I could still walk and if there was water still swim in those areas, etc). The second error was either load times took way longer when switching between the nether and overworld dimensions than other times where it may have been instant or almost instant, and sometimes left either one of the players to be on an infinite loading world screen, forcing the whole application to be restarted in order to be fixed (not able to open the pause menu while on loading world screen). While stuck in the infinite loading world screen, our players were still vulnurable to enemies and each other, but the player is also stuck (meaning won't move or take knockback) and just barely hovering above the ground. If anymore information is needed, I would be glad to share!

            Sir_Lunatic Tristan Barret Schmidt
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