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Stuck on generating world/building terrain screen after leaving nether


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    • Nintendo Switch

      THIS IS A GAME BREAKING GLITCH. Please fix this ASAP because the game is quite literally unplayable with it. Without fail every time I play Minecraft on the switch this happens. When I try to leave the nether (or now apparently even go into it sometimes too) I get stuck on the generating world, building terrain screen and it never goes away. I can hear everything around me in the game like animals and the portal, so it's definitely already generated the world but for some reason the screen won't go away. I even brought a friend into the game to see what happens to my character during this and they see that my character does spawn in while I'm on the building terrain screen. They can hit me and kill me but nothing will fix it. They only way to escape this is to close the app. Every time I close the app though it takes extra long to close and always gives the pop up "The software was closed because an error occurred" When I go back into the game it gives an in-game pop up that says "Global Resources reset. Resources previously failed to load." I'll be able to play again after this but the same exact bug will happen again like I said without fail if I'm going back and forth between the nether. This is obviously very annoying. Please fix.

            Marquardt Liam
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