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Nether Portal Game Freeze Generation of World


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      Basically, I am in the Windows 10 Minecraft version 1.14.6 and I have created a new survival world with a nether portal at the coordinates 184, 78, 177. The game operates exactly fine like it has done for years until the release. Now I understand the rush for the 1.15 and the crazy 1.16 release versions so I will be okay if this takes a while to fix. Anyways the portal works fine transporting you into the nether, although when its time to leave you to get stuck with a generating world text, and on the rare occasion the (Xray view) where you could see through the floor where mobs were but that's it. When you try to return to the overworld you stuck with the text as I stated but the only way to fix that is for me to manually close the game and reopen that but instead of taking me back to the overworld I get transported back to the nether ( I was stuck in the nether for a while. ) unfortunately I am not able to add a screenshot right now. But I can try later.

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