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World progress and some blocks not saving (Android 4.2.2)


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      1) Game continues running in "hibernation" mode.
      2) After "hibernating" glass panes I put just before disappeared.
      3) After some more playing and quitting to title screen, the game didn't properly save, - when I loaded the world back I was in a place some 10-20 minutes before I did the "save", and my inventory was back 40-60 minutes back.

      Game version: 0.9.0 Build 3
      Android version: Android 4.2.2
      Device: Lenovo S6000H

      Explanation: Before the last saving bug the game run correctly and saved fine. What I did was go back to the spawn point some 150-300 blocks away for a couple of game days, and when I came back I quit to title. I instantly loaded back in, and I was somewhere half way on my road there, with my inventory from even more time before.

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