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Worlds Don't Save Changes


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    • 0.6.1
    • 0.6.0, 0.7.3
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    • Survival
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      I was playing in one of my worlds till my inventory got full so i placed down two chests and put all jy items in it then went to my mob trap . On my way i saw a sheep and i save and quit to title and went to the appstore to check if u added dye-able sheeps when i saw u did not i went back to my world and continue getting mob drops but when i went into my house the two chests i placed are gone with all my iron and all the little diamonds i have found mostly all my stuff pls fix this bug

      Moderator Edit:

      When you close a world, all changes appear to not be saved. Meaning anything you break or place in that world is reverted. This applies to all blocks, in both gamemodes. It appears that low graphics settings in Options will fix this issue.

      Moderator Edit 2:
      With the 0.9 updates, you are not able to save worlds that were created in older builds.

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