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Game does not save world creations/ progress


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      I am playing on an infinite world in survival and I built a house with many items in my inventory and in chests and then quit the game. When I came back to continue playing my house was gone and I was in a completely different spot that I was when I quit. It took me back to the place where I started the map. I still had items in my inventory but not the most recent ones. It is almost as if the game saved some of my progress but after that point it doesn't save anything else. Every time I quit and join the game I am in the same spot with the same inventory no matter how far I went or what I built. Also if I die and loose everything I can quit the game and join the world and I will have everything from that last save point. Also another thing I noticed is the world says it is 1MB big and it wont get any bigger than that. I have checked my phone and I have plenty of storage. Maybe the worlds stop saving data after 1MB?

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