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Grayed Out Light During Nighttime



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      Whenever I load into my world, the lava at the top of my built volcano isn't emitting light when it's at time. The current way for me to temporarily fix this issue is by disturbing any block in the area of the bug to reset the lighting back to normal, such as placing a lantern nearby. Below the lava, I have campfires emitting smoke, and according to the screenshots, you can see that the lava sources themselves emit light only for their block, so when the campfire smoke comes out and is still inside the lava, you can see the smoke particles lit up, but the second it leaves the lava, it turns dark due to it being night and the lighting bug. So far, this issue has happened a couple times before with some other buildings, but one of my friends reported of this strange grayness on top of the volcano which is supposed to be lit up from the lava. It could be a bug with the skylight, or perhaps the height of the light source, but I don't know. Here's the screenshots:


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