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Building Terrain Crash (Not a Realm)


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    • Nintendo Switch

      Recently, my friend and I started a world on the Nintendo Switch edition. We have 2 portals, one to my friends base and another to our gold farm. Usually the gold farm portal works, however, my friends portal doesn’t. When you go into the portal, it works fine. But if you go back through the portal, the “building terrain” screen would pop up and it would just stay there. Usually the person would be hovering from the portal. The only way to get rid of it is by going to the home menu and closing the software. Sometimes the “software closed due to an error” pop up goes on screen. Everytime I log back into the world, I would spawn somewhere random but it’s usually near the portal. When you do actually go through the portal, random chunks of the world will go missing as well. I’ve seen this problem reported before but they’re usually realms. Our world isn’t a realm, it’s just a world my friend joins through online.

            Spectral Carlos Aguilar
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