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Stuck on building terrain when entering Nether, seems to only affect world host.


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      Copy Pasted from a reddit post I made:

      “I am hosting a world for 5 other people on bedrock edition on my PC (Not on a realm). When I try entering the nether, I get stuck on the building terrain screen until I shut down Minecraft and restart it. After restarting Minecraft, I am in the nether on the other side of the portal. Having players on the world does not seem to have any effect on whether or not this happens.

      My friend (playing on Xbox One) has no issues entering/leaving the Nether. The world size is 50MB. My computer specs are as follows:

      CPU: Ryzen 5 3600

      RAM: 16GB

      GPU: RTX 2060 Super

      Storage: 500GB SSD by Western Digital, this is what Minecraft is stored on. I have a 2TB HDD as well.“


      Let me know if I can get any more relevant information. I don’t think I’ve generated an insane amount in the nether, either, maybe 400 blocks in one direction for a minecart rail, maybe 500-1000 blocks (wasn’t counting) to find a second fortress, but most of that was tunneling.

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