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Three giant holes (about 32x32) that go all the way down to the void through the bedrock in my survival world



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      Three huge holes appeared in my world (newest version of bedrock on Xbox one) the holes went all the way to the void and we're right where I had build a castle on my survival world. This occured during when me and a friend were playing and the weird thing about it is that the terrain around the holes (they are probably 32x32 except for one that is twice as long) the terrain had gone back to what it was before we built the castle almost as if we had never built it in the first place. As I said the holes go all the way through bedrock but the rest of my world is fine and it's like this is an isolated issue but I'm scared to play more on that world because I don't want this to happen again. I am sure I will be able to rebuild but I wanted to report this so I doesn't happen to anyone else, I have no idea what caused it but me and my friend have been playing on this world for about a year and have never encountered anything like this, we have builds all around and this is just like a huge holes in the middle. I have pictures and game clips of where it happened if you need them and I really hope this bug can be fixed. Thanks for what you guys do. 

      PS I have videos and pics but the website says the attachments are too large so if there is another place I can submit these please let me know


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