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Nether to over-world does not work


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    • 1.14.30 Hotfix
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      I cannot go through my Nether portal from the Nether to the Over-world without getting stuck in the loading screen forever.

      when I go through the portal from the Nether to the Over-world, i should be transported instantly to the Over-world. ( It works when I am playing in multiplayer. )

      What actually happens when I do this is i get stuck in the loading screen for ever.

      Steps to Reproduce: ( Please read each step thoroughly! )

      1. Make a survival world with no cheats on hard difficulty with default settings and coordinates on with the seed 483002819.
      2. Make a nether portal with the bottom left corner at the coordinates 286.49.119 ( the corners of my portal are made of cobblestone on the the top right, and the other corners are made of normal stone. )
      3. go through the portal to the Nether
      4. come back through the portal to the Over-world
      5. if my issue did not occur for you, then it is a problem with my specific world.

      As stated before, my current version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Xbox One is 1.14.30 Hotfix and Xbox's current operating system version is 10.0.18363.9135

      Thank you for your help with this issue and may it help others too! 

      with kind regards, Zachary Christopher Bombly

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