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Hopper can't collect item above them although it isn't be filled. | 漏斗无法收集物品尽管它未被装满


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      Hopper can't pick up an item when its slots are filled. It mainly affects item sorter that item can't pick up by hopper. Hope Mojang can fix it quickly. In my impression, it lasted for several versions. Thanks

      Steps to Reproduce : 👇

      1. Place 5 stackable items (A) in each slot of inventory space of hopper. 将5个可堆叠的A物品分别放在漏斗物品栏
      2. Drop a stackable item (B) on the top of the hopper. 将可堆叠的B物品扔至漏斗正上方
      3. Drop A on the top of the hopper.  再将可堆叠的A物品扔至漏斗正上方
      4. ”A“ can't be collected by hopper. 可以看到物品无法被收集

      Expected Results :

      A should be pick by hopper but B shouldn't


      More detail of the issue is in the video: https://youtu.be/9HEZ6ioSKS8

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