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Minecraft Ninendo Switch account error -3 is now error -9 after 1.14.20 update, still no marketplace access



    • Type: Bug
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    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: 1.14.30 Hotfix
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      Nintendo Switch



      This report is tracking the specific Nintendo Switch account issue described below. If you are receiving Account Error -9 on other devices and/or with a Microsoft XboxLive account, please see MCPE-62421.

      I have three profiles on my Nintendo switch.  Mine is the main account with my own Nintendo account and then I have my two kids profiles with their own Nintendo accounts. Yesterday both kids profiles when trying to play Minecraft would show an error stating there is an issue with your account and will not be able to access the marketplace until it is fixed. The weird thing is that in my profile if I play Minecraft the marketplace works fine.  There are no Microsoft accounts tied to any of the profiles so there should be no “account issues”??  Ive tried uninstalling the game, reinstalling and checking for corruption.  The error ID number keeps changing as well everytime I close the game and start it again but the error number -3 is the same.  Sorry if the version I chose isn’t correct...the Minecraft version I have is 1.13.1 build date 2019-11-09. Still the same after the newest update to 1.14. Come on Mojang!! Still getting this error! What’s funny is the bee update is working on all accounts but my kids profiles still have the error preventing marketplace from working!
      1/21/20 My kids still cannot access the Marketplace, cannot access any of our skin/texture packs because of it and are still getting the same error on both of their profiles!
      2/6/20 We just updated to version 1.14.20 and we still cannot access the marketplace!! We are now getting a -9 error instead of the -3. Why is it that on my profile, the marketplace works like it should and on my two kids profiles there is this lingering problem!??
      3/4/30. Another month gone by and still no fix. Both my kids profiles are having the -9 error now since the last game update...really disappointing.
      3/7/20. Now we are on Version 1.14.30 and still getting error -9 with no marketplace access...not good Mojang...


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