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      Recently, me, and on my friends were testing redstone, and discover this bug with slime blocks. I was playing on Windows 10 Minecraft, and my friend was using Nintendo Switch. We were trying to make a slime block exit for my redstone door that I created, and we noticed that we were not moving up when "launched" on the slime blocks. We think this is one of the problems. My friend on his screen that i was launched, but on my screen, it didn't show movement. We found this problem a 2x2 of slime blocks. When on one slime block, it does show you launching on your screen, but it seems to nudge you to the nearest edge. Even when you are in the center of the slime block, you get nudged to the east(we used a map in-game to get the direction). ThisĀ is game breaking for the redstone side of the game!!!!!!! Please fix fast mojang!!!!

            EnderEdgeXY Bryce Calhoun
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