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Moving blocks are now full blocks



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      Moving blocks now have a collision box identical to the block being moved, however client-side this hasn't been implemented. The way pistons move entities has also been changed, making it (in my opinion) better than before, although not quite perfect.

      All that's left to do is extend the collision box changes to the client. It causes wierd client-server desyncs and buggy behaviour. After that this bug is pretty much fixed.


      When moving a block such as a rail or a glass pane, the moving block created is a full block no matter what. This breaks many things involving pushing entites. The main role of moving blocks used to be just to prevent two pistons moving blocks into the same space at the same time. The player needs to be inside the moving block for physics to work correctly.

      This causes multiple problems:

      • Players or entities glitch into to wierd places when pushed
      • It breaks many shulker loaders/unloaders, as the items glitch all over the place (ignoring the existing issues with pushing items with pistons)
      • It stops minecarts sticking to rails being moved, as there is a solid block in the way of the minecart when the game attempts to pull it along, breaking any flying machines with minecarts on.
      • It stops the player being pulled along from the side by honey blocks, as the player glitches away from the block, which they need to be in to be pulled along.
      • It can stop slime blocks bouncing the player, as the moving block is placed and the player glitches away from that block. The player needs to be in the block to be bounced. The player will often glitch to the side, which will result in them bouncing, although this is not ideal for slime block launchers. This breaks elevators that bounce players or entities upwards using slime blocks.

      It is most likely a result of fixing MCPE-53815. Moving blocks were turned into full, solid blocks to prevent players "bouncing" downwards when being moved. While this is a good change to some extent, fixing many issues with players falling off of flying machines, moving blocks being fully solid causes the wierd behaviour listed above.

      Entities glitching out of moving blocks and being prevented from entering from the side breaks many interactions between entities and pistons.

      It would make more sense for them to be paritially solid, like scaffolding, so you can stand on it but not glitch out when in it. Maybe even like cobwebs.


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