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Raids can spawn outside of simulation distance


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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a flat world with simulation distance set to 4, and daylight cycle off (so monsters don't interfere).
      2. Place a bed and stay near it.
      3. Spawn a villager.
      4. Set up repeating command blocks to kill all raid mobs.
      5. /effect @s bad_omen
      6. After each raid ends, repeat step 5.

      Expected result

      Each raid gets kill by the repeating command blocks. You can continue steps 5 and 6 indenfintely.

      Actual result

      Eventually, you'll have a raid that cannot be targeted by the repeating command blocks because it spawned outside of loaded chunks. That raid eventually times out.

      Sometime, there will be a chance of wave spawns outside 4 chunk simulation distance or more than 64 blocks away in an unloaded area.

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