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Game Breaking Nether Portal Bug (Stuck in "Building Terrain")


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      So I have a survival single player world on PS4, and I've found a bug that I can't get around. (Second paragraph is the actual bug).

      So I have a nether portal about 100-200 blocks (in the over world) away from my base and my main portal. A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to properly link all my portals, but they wouldn't link. I found the exact coordinates that the portals in the nether should be at, but my main portal in the nether would always take my straight to the other portal in the over world instead of my base. After a while of playing around with it I decided to just forget it and remove the second portal out of the over world.

      Now, a couple weeks later, I decided to re-add the portal and see if I could get them to link properly. So I built the portal back in its original position and went into the nether. I simply tried coming straight back to the over world, and I was stuck in the "Building Terrain" phase. This doesn't end and I have to close and re-open the game to get out of it. When I enter my world again I spawn in the over world, around the second portal that it should be doing. However I don't spawn inside the portal, I spawn around the portal in a random like 10 block radius every time. I have tried re-building the portal on both ends, and moving both portals slightly, but still get frozen on "Building Terrain", whenever I go from nether to over world, in the second portal only. It seems that it only happens in that certain area/chunk, because if I make a portal in the nether far away that generates a new one in the over world, it works fine.

      I got my friend to join the world and investigate with me. I found out that he can see me in the over world, just standing there somewhere next to the portal. He can also hit me and damage me, but I won't move. From my end, I can actually hear sound around me, including my friend using fireworks and breaking blocks.

      This is highly annoying because I basically have to move my whole villager trading hall to another location, and I can't really make any portals in that area.

      Please see this and consider fixing it, Mojang. Thanks

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