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New Villagers Stealing Already Linked Workstations


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      The situation:

      I have a villager trading area. I put a lot of effort into making sure certain villagers are linked to the correct beds and workstations. I only place one workstation per villager with no extra workstations placed anywhere near the area. 

      The bug:

      If I breed new villagers, they will link to workstations that the other villagers have already linked to, essentially stealing the workstation. I do breed the new villagers near the villager trading area, but I can't see how that should really matter. It has happened repeatedly, so it doesn't appear to be just a one-time glitch.

      Further Comments:

      The issue with this is that I then have to break all of the workstations and replace them all back in the order that the villagers prefer, and I usually have to kill the recently bread villager to prevent it from happening again before I could even link the new villager up to a workstation correctly.

      I'm trying to stop wishing for the old villager setup cause there are really cool features with it now. So, if the villager/workstation linking would be made more reliable, it would be awesome! Thank you, for your time and effort!

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