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Minecraft on my iPad and Android devices are connected - how to separate?



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      I have 2 separate devices. My 7yr old uses my iPad to play Minecraft, I use my Android phone. Up until last week we've just played locally, but over the festive period decided to set up a Realm and so had to create microsoft accounts, xbox live accounts and gamertag - what a total nightmare that was, but we managed it in the end.

      Both devices have a bought version of minecraft. The ipad version was bought from the app store using my apple ID and payment made through my bank account. My Android phone has minecraft downloaded and bought from the Google play store using my paypal account.

      They are two totally separate installations on two totally separate devices using two totally separate operating systems.

      So why are they connected? Yes we play over the same wifi connection, but surely on separate devices we can be separate. But yet, when I create my own avatar on my Android phone and play with that on my phone, when my son switches on the ipad and loads minecraft he has my avatar!

      His name remains the same but my avatar overwrites his. Then when I go to Minecraft on my Android phone, I'm replaced with default Steve and my avatar has totally disappeared.

      Another anomaly is that my son downloaded a load of packs and skins to the ipad. I however have not downloaded anything to my phone. Yet when I look in the marketplace on my Android phone, loads of packs say 'owned'.


      So I wanted to set up a realm so we can invite friends to play with us, but when I set up the free trial - all the realm content (packs and skins etc) appeared in the Ipad marketplace as downloadable but on my phone had minecoin prices. eh??? I am displayed as the owner of the realm and yet I can't download any of the packs and have to pay for them. What???


      Is it not possible to play over the same wifi connection and keep device installations totally separate? Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you solve it. Is there a setting that we both need to switch on so that our installations are unique to the devices?


      I have deleted minecraft from both the ipad and android phone countless times and reinstalled fresh installations on each. The marketplace stills shows 'owned' stuff on both devices - we thought this would all get deleted if the apps were deleted from the device. But no they're still there.

      We've tried only playing by logging into our minecraft accounts, but I still have to create my avatar each time as I always get reset to be Steve and my son always has to delete my avatar and create a new one.


      What is the solution?

      Is there a way to totally wipe Minecraft from a device and really truly install it afresh in a totally virgin state?


      Any help would be most appreciated as I'm losing my mind slightly and have wasted soooooo much time on this already that I don't want to waste anymore.






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