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Multiplayer - Unexpected Skin Switch to other players(POV and Skin Viewer in Pause Menu)


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    • 1.13.1, 1.16.1
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      Please see this comment by Auldrick. Any further comments that do not add any information will be removed.

      Original description:

      Good Day Mojang!


      While setting up everything for a multiplayer recording(LAN MP), some instances of unexpected skin switching happens on our characters.


      2 devices has Android 6.0 as players, and 1 device has Android 7.1.1 with ColorOs 3.1 for Oppo phones, that also acts as spectator for the recording.


      Before we can even start, skin switching does occur, and only being resetted to correct ones after manually switching to any skin before changing it back to the intended skin.


      The bug appears to do that certain bug to the full extent that another player sees his skin as my skin, and his skin sometimes becomes my skin, or another one's skin. It appears to be that way on Pause Screen, Paperdoll model, and your player's POV, in First Person, own Third Person, and another player's POV.


      To summarize:


      Bug: Unexpected Skin Switches happens in Multiplayer LAN


      Bug appears in:

      • LAN Multiplayer
      • - First Person POV of the actual player (Hand)
      • - Third Person POV of the actual player (Front and Back)
      • - Any POV of another player

      Temporary Fixes:

      • Manual changes needs to be performed in Skin Selection Menu on the Pause Menu

      Probable Temporary Fixes(Not tested):

      • Rejoining the world of the host