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Bedrock realm frequently disconnects and loses data...



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      As stated my realm will at times randomly disconnect players and when they reconnect they load in completely different spots having lost tons of data. There's no rhyme or reason for it. It's incredibly frustrating especially where I just paid for 6months of Bedrock Realms. There's no telling how far it will roll back when it happens. Tonight it happened when I joined my friend on the realm and had been playing for like 30 mins-- we got disconnected and when we rejoined we went back in time by like 30mins.


      What could cause this? Is my world bugged??? I don't get it. I've never had stability issues save for the past month or two. This has happened numerous times too.


      side note: my motherboards cmos battery is dead so my computer's clock is often wrong-- if I forgot to fix the time before joining the server would that have any affect on the server?? In the case of tonight I know my clock was right, but in the past when this disconnect stuff happened I tried to find any excuse and wondered if my computers time can affect server.


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