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Crashes causing rollback on Realm or shared multiplayer world



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      Intermittently the game will crash and close, causing a rollback of blocks placed/broken, as well as items going missing from my inventory. It's difficult to reproduce reliably, but happens fairly often, and at times a couple of hours worth of changes can roll back. It also affects creative maps.

      One example of this happening:
      When other's join my PC via LAN/WiFi, there will occasionally be a stall then a crash, usually when someone is using a chest, or going through a portal. When I reload the game and map, a lot of progress has been rolled back, including inventory items, buildings etc, but not usually XP. Oddly not everything gets rolled back to a set point, but most things do. It's as if the game only autosaves a certain amount of data.

      One small workaround I have found is to periodically get everyone to leave the LAN, then I exit the map and restart it; this seems to force a 'save'. It's not really acceptable though, as it should be autosaving much more reliably without any intervention.

      1: Game randomly crashes for no apparent reason.
      2: Map is rolled back, making items and building work disappear.


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