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Game Chat / Signage censorship filter is completely broken and needs revisiting.



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      Censorship feature on game chat and signs on Bedrock is completely broken and requires a revisiting of how it is intended to work versus how it actually works in game.

      The issue is multi-fold...

      • Obviously innocent words are being censored. black list of words needs fixing.
      • Censored words are not communicated to the player posting them in chat. They have to rely on another player informing about the censored words. To the player posting, it seems that the text was posted fine according to their chat screen output.
      • Applying text formatting to chat or text can trigger censorship response. Text formatting needs to be made exempt from censorship functionality. You should not have to play with the order of your formatting commands to prevent your signs from having innocent words censored.

      Mojang needs to seriously address this issue. It is understandable to require a chat censor on underage player accounts, but if a player account is adult, they should be able to toggle that setting via their profile controls so that they can choose to view either filtered or unfiltered words.

      Mojang also needs to have a system in place to submit corrections / errors to the chat filter functionality.

      This bug continues to persist into 1.13.1 Bedrock. Tested across multiple mobile devices with same results, so this is not device dependent nor is it specific to any one account..

      It is believed that while much of this functionality ties into Xbox Live account settings, the onus should fall on Mojang to ensure that nothing within that Xbox functionality should be breaking core features of the Mojang product.


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