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Knockback resistance is percentage chance to ignore knockback, rather than being scaled


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      Repost of MC-44192 for bedrock edition

      The bug

      Mobs with knockback resistance (i.e. minecraft:knockback_resistance component) either ignore knockback entirely or take full knockback, determined randomly when hit. 0.5 knockback resistance doesn't result in 50% less knockback, it results in 50% full knockback, 50% none, which causes combat to be inconsistent and seem broken. Mobs with low knockback resistance can randomly tank a hit for no apparent reason.

      How to reproduce

      1. /summon ravager
      2. Punch it several times

      Expected results:
      Ravager takes half the knockback of a normal mob

      Actual results:
      Ravager takes full knockback half the time, and zero knockback the other half the time

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