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Error connecting to friend's world



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      Good morning. I have Minecraft pocket edition 1.12.1, also a friend of mine. She is trying to connect to my world but all the time the message “error connecting to world” appears. Also happens when I try to connect to her worlds. We Both are friends on Xbox app. We both are with WIFI (in different houses) and we also see the other’s map into our multiplayer options. 

      another weird problem, is that she can send me invitations, and so I received them, however the message “error connecting...” also appears; but, when I send her an invitation, she doesn’t receive it, it’s like I didn’t send anything. But, she can see my world available to connect, but again the annoying message “error connecting...” appears. We bought MCPE to play together, now we feel really disappointed. Hope you can help us.

      she is on an android 9 - Samsung galaxy A9 2018

      i am on a IOS 13.1.2 - iPhone 8 Plus.

      btw, my cousin  has minecraft windows 10, and I can perfectly connect to his world and also he connects  to mine. He also didn’t connect  to my friend’s (on android 9) worlds because the same message or error. Thank you. 




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