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Cross-Platform Server Issues and Workarounds



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    • Affects Version/s:, 1.11.4
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      I have been trying to connect different ways between iOS, Win10 and Switch. I believe it is the iOS version that is faulty. Here's what I found out:

      First of all, the Windows log-in is smooth in Win10 and Switch but on my iOS devices it has issues. On iOS, when trying to access the marketplace, it displays "We're unable to connect to the store. Maybe check your internet connection?" most of the time. If it loads then it took a long time to to do it, even their icons take a long time. When playing in a world made on the iOS device, it displays " Oops! You were disconnected from Xbox Live To invite more players, reopen your world" and am not able to invite or get invites.

      Here is how the cross-platform connections are working for me:

      World on Win10:

      iOS without Xbox Login can join easily. Win10 user can send invites to iOS user but iOS does not get the notifications. However a iOS user with Xbox Login can join with some effort and a workaround:

      1. Open world in Win10
      2. Connect with iOS and will display a connecting window that gets stuck for a long time
      3. Close world in Win10 and reopen
      4. iOS message will say "looking for server" then it will magically load!!

      I have not tried connecting the Switch to the Win10 world.

      World on Switch:

      iOS cannot join, invites don't notify iOS user. Friend list in Switch displays multiple instances of the same friends, I had 3 two days ago and now there are 5. I have not tried to join with Win10.

      World on iOS: Win10 can join easily but Switch cannot, the iOS world is not displayed in the switch on the friends tab. In order to join it has to be with a workaround. To connect a Switch console to the iOS world one needs to be logged in Win10 and the Switch:

      1. Join the iOS world with the Win10 first, and leave the game
      2. On the iOS, as soon as the Win10 person leaves the Invite Friend button may suddenly appear (may take more than one try).
      3. iOS person then needs to invite the Win10/Switch person
      4. Win10/Switch should get the invite notification and may join with the Switch!!! 

      I wish I had Minecraft for Android and Xbox to try to connect to Win10, Switch and iOS but this is as much I can provide. I understand Cross-Platform is a hard thing to do and I appreciate the work the Devs are doing to bring Cross-Platform Minecraft to every device imaginable. Please fix this issue, I believe it to be a problem with the server code running in the iOS platform.


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