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Infinitely "Building Terrain" after entering nether portal


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      Built a nether portal inside the nether in order to create a portal far away from home. Went through the portal and the game gets stuck on "Generating world, Building terrain."

      Quitting during this time caused me to reenter where the portal should have been, but with no return portal to take me back home.

      While loading, I can hear the sounds of the overworld, such as an enderman teleporting around, Creatures walking around, and water flowing. One such creature is a spider which doesnt seem to be attacking.

      A similar bug mentioned that an easy fix was to minimize then reopen the tab to load yourself back in, but that does not seem to fix this issue.

      EDIT: I moved the portal a bit away to see if it was just a screwed up portal. Its happening to the new one too.

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