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Friend unable to join my world



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      Windows 10 - PC


      Recently bought the game and added minecraft pe into my collection but found out that I can't have my friends join my world( for both minecraft pe and minecraft windows 10) but I can join their world in my MCPE and MC windows 10. My NAT type is either in strict or moderate, Internet connection is connected, xbox live services is up and running, server connectivity is connected. I tried to fix the NAT type but it doesn't work and I've tried connecting to different wifi but still in strict or open. Tried to find for a solution online to fix the NAT type but still didn't fix anything. I can play all the other multiplayer games from steam etc with no problem, only minecraft both minecraft pe and minecraft windows 10 that have this problem where my friends can't join my world but I can join their world. We're not connected through LAN but we're friends in Xbox Live.




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