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Stuck on “Joining Realm... Building Terrain” after entering the End Portal


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    • 1.12.0
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      This is so annoying, my friends are able to join the realm with no problem, while I'm just stuck in the "Building Terrain" screen waiting for eternity. This happened when I logged out of the Realm at the End, then I rejoined with a "Building Terrain" screen, I've entered the End several times in and out but in this one unfortunate event, this just happened. I have done several possible fixes to this but none of them worked, like :

      • Re-logging in my Xbox account
      • Logging in with another account
      • Reinstalling Minecraft
      • Restarting my PC
      • Updating my drivers

      This needs to be fixed in the next update cause not a lot of people will enjoy realms with the same issue.

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