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Can't Join Friend's World After Entering End city in Minecraft; Locating Server bug



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      My friend plays on an iPad and created a world for us to play on and we made a lot of progress and made it to The End even defeating the Ender Dragon and decided to go to the End City. My friend had to go do chores so the iPad was left to sleep which usually kicks me out of the world. This was never an issue since when the world was being played on again I could connect back with no issue, but this time I'm stuck on a "Generating World; Locating Server" loop.

      Note that I play on the Windows 10 version and we played this world for almost 2 months now with no problem until I was disconnected on the End City. We tried everything from rebooting our routers to rebooting our devices to even me switching platforms and changing skins while also trying the invitation method to see if it will load me in. Nothing was working at all. The world says I do load in, but my friend can't damage me nor make me fall and I can't see any of this because I'm stuck on the "locating server" screen.

      We theorize that there might be a bug with staying in different worlds after being disconnected since we did try to see if it's just this one world. I'm able to play their other worlds except for this one world. It's becoming a tad irritating and disheartening as we did make a lot of progress in this world and I'm not able to play with them in this world again as it seems. Help would be very much appreciated


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