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Mobs spawning even in Lit up areas, whereas they were not before the most recent update.


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      Before this most recent update a world me and several friends would play on had a normal spawn rate, never noticed an excess of mobs. However this spawn rate has gone a bit wonky. The only mobs i seem to see spawn in the affected areas however, are mobs which can only survive in the day time anyway, most notably creepers. Since i am on xbox i honestly don't know how to test light levels however my friend has been in this house for nearly a week building a forge, aquarium and many other things, much as i built him a nether wart farm with a lava waterfall several days ago. I also had a creeper spawn in my main floor of my house, something that has never once happened in the entire time i have been on this world, which was created before the better together update. 

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