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Hopper removes music disc from jukebox too early, cutting off music


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      Hoppers are supposed to remove a music disc from a jukebox when it's finished playing. However, if the disc is modified beyond its original length by a resource pack, it is cut off early. The track plays in its entirety if a hopper is not used. *Update:* In 1.19.20, it appears that tracks get cut off even without hoppers.

      How to reproduce

      1. Download and open the attached world. This world has an active resource pack that replaces "mellohi" with a 2:48 royalty-free jazz track.
      2. Take the mellohi record from the chest and use it on the jukebox.
      3. Wait 1:36

      Expected Result

      Track continues to play for the full duration of 2:48 (same as if a hopper is not used)

      Observed Result

      When a hopper is present, the track ends abruptly at 1:36

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