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Custom Music Discs Cause Playback And Visual Issues


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      If custom songs from a resource pack are used that have a longer duration than inital music discs and a hopper is placed under the music disc player, the music will interrupt at the initial time of original music disc record.


      1. Create a new world and import a custom resource pack with custom music for music discs
      2. Place a hopper and on top of it a music disc player
      3. Play a record that has for example a length of 03:25 and is saved for the C418 - 11 (01:11) disc
      4. After 01:11 the music will be interrupted and the disc will be collected
      5. Place a music disc player with no hoppers
      6. Play the same record
      7. Observation: The song is played correctly but tunes particles disappear after 01:11
      8. Same thing hapens if for example the same song (03:25) is stored on C418 - blocks (05:45) but here the hopper will collect the disc much later than the song ends and particles will continue to appear



      Expected result:

      Custom song length is recognized and the hopper collects the music disc right after the song stops/the .ogg file terminates

      Actual result:

      Custom song length is ignored and music disc player and hopper cause playback and visual issues described above.

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