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The entire game freezes after loading the skin selection screen.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.11.4
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      Community Consensus
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      Nintendo Switch
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      The entire game freezes after loading the skin selection screen.
      Minecraft frequently freezes and disconnects from online mode.

      [Specific symptoms]
      ・Freeze about 1 minute on title screen.
      ・I can not connect to Minecraft's official server. Or even if it can connect, it freezes in about 3 minutes and is disconnected from online.
      ・My open online world is also disconnected from online in about 3 minutes and then freezes for about 1 minute every 3 minutes.

      [How to reproduce a bug]
      Please refer to the attached picture. In the skin selection screen, scroll the screen to the bottom and load all skins. (I think that there are more than 1000 skins) Immediately after that, there are frequent freezes on minecraft.
      However, the display speed of the skin list on the skin selection screen is faster.
      I think that there is a relationship between the skin selection screen and the freeze bug.

      [Failed attempts to avoid bugs]
      ・After trying to archive software or delete software in the setting of the Nintendo switch, I re-downloaded Minecraft.
      ・The Nintendo switch has been restarted.
      ・Change the language of the Nintendo Switch from Japanese to English.
      ・Change the language of Minecraft from Japanese to English.

      I tried the above method, but the freeze bug was not fixed.
      Thank you.

      This sentence is translated from Japanese to English by Google translation.


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