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My friends cannot join my worlds



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      So this connection error seems to be different than any other that I've seen reported online. Usually they have something to do with internet problems or NAT type, so I'll get all that out of the way first: my Internet is pretty fast (200mbps peak download speed), my NAT type is open, my privacy settings are set to custom and everything is set to its most public feature available on the xbox system settings menu, and my in game minecraft multiplayer mode is set to anyone can join (friends of friends) and everything is checked to play the game in the most public way possible. As the issue currently stands, I can join the public servers like MinePlex or the Hive, I can join my friends worlds, but none of my friends can join my worlds; new or past-created.


      PS: One thing I should note is that I just recently got back from college, so I moved my xbox from there back home. I've been playing with them on pocket edition for a few days and before that everything seemed to work just fine. They could join my worlds no problem before playing PE. The other thing is that I am currently playing on Xbox One Bedrock Edition on version 1.11.3 (info taken from the bottom right of the title screen). I didn't see this version as an option, (in fact, there were no options for xbox one in console edition project)  so I just went with Mojang Web Services


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