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      I'm getting very wierd controller lag in Minecraft Pocket edition, and just a little on Windows 10. I am using an Xbox one X controller though a Bluetooth connection for both platforms, and the Android app fared far worse than windows 10. This lag seemed entirely dependent upon the world lag; if your on a laggy world or server, the controller has this horrible drifting effect.


      I think the cause  of this problem is that the controller priorities are set much lower than they should be, for instance; instead of updating itself on what buttons are bieng pressed, the game tries to load stuff first. For my PC, this was beraly a problem, since it can handle worlds much better than my phone. It still lagged a little on servers, but it wasn't very noticeable.


      However, on the android phone the issue is a game changer. The lag easily disables any pvp chance you have to win, and even in single player it can be deadly. This is a serious issue. This defeats the purpose of using a controller on a phone, since it's way better than touch controls and provides you with that exra precision. Please upvote this, if you have had this problem or you want to end my pain (lol).




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