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New Bedrock Hotfix for console release 04MAY19 corrupts worlds cannot launch



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.11.2
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      Nintendo Switch


      ISSUE: <Cannot access Infinite World Post Hot Fix Update on 04MAY19 after Nintendo MC_Bedrock Crashes while in Infinite world during intense Lightning Storm>  AFFECTED VERIONS LIST is NOT showing current HOT FIX RELEASED**

      Nintendo Switch Console MC Bedrock Edition (Working without issue post Village/Pillage Update).  On 04MAY19, New MC Hot Fix downloads to address @5 issues.  10 Minutes into playing (Infinite World_Seed: 2122271103_Survival Mode_Overall World Size: 425 MB> Software crashes with Error Message: "The Software closed because an error occurred".  MC Software defaulted to Nintendo Home Screen.  Access MC and Application Loads.  Attempt to access infinite world and Error Message is presented while loading: "The Software closed because an error occurred".  Note:  All Qty (03) other worlds i have in MC on Switch Console are accessible but they are not infinite.  However, the Infinite World in which the error occurred can no longer be accessed post hot fix?

      Update1:  On 05MAY19, Attempted to load Infinite World again same error code.  Checked for Corrupt Data in MC Application from Nintendo Switch Menu Management.  No Corruption Found.  Nintendo Switch suggests reloading software.  Back to Home Menu after triggering redownload.  As I start the Redownload of MC a message is presented: "Some necessary data could not be found".  Download MC Bedrock and Restart MC.  Access all worlds OK.  Access Infinite  world where the original error occurred and Access granted.  Was able to access world.  Upon exiting infinite and saving progress MC crashes presented with same error:  "The software closed because an error occurred".  MC defaulted to Nintendo home screen.  Access to all other worlds is fine no problem.  Access to infinite world where error occurred is not granted presenting user with same Software error as identified above.  (2) Subsequent attempts to check for corruption, redownload software, and access Infinite world FAIL.  The same message is presented: "Some necessary data could not be found upon download but now there is NO access and cannot load Infinite world since original error code.

      Note: Remaining Storage on Switch and SD Card is not an issue both have extensive capacity.  

      At this point the Infinite world is NO LONGER accessible producing a software error each attempt to load but not the other worlds which are NOT Infinite yet all remain on the same storage area and MC_Bedrock loads each time without an issue.   The only world that cannot be accessed is the source of the original software error post hot fix.  From MC Application: 'You are using the latest version of this software".  Nintendo finds no corruption when scanned but when redownloading MC it refers to data missing?


      Please advise options as this world remain inaccessible.  







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