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Windows 10 - Xbox One crossplay broken after Xbox One Version 1.11.2



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      Yesterday, before 1.11.2 dropped for Xbox One, my friend on Xbox One could join my Windows 10 PC world using crossplay.


      Today, after the 1.11.2 update for Xbox One, he can no longer join me.  It gives him an error saying "Unable to connect" and no further descriptive information.


      I am able to join him if he hosts a world, so Win10 -> XBone works, but XBone -> Win10 does not.


      We've tried invites via the Xbox App, ingame, as well as him joining me through his game and the Xbox One UI.  Nothing works, always the same error - this error DID NOT EXIST last night when XBone was on 1.11.1.  Our internet settings did not change, he left the world today, his minecraft updated, and he's now not able to join.


      The the very least there should be a way for him to force revert the update so that the game can work like it is supposed to.


      This is at least the 7th time this issues has come up (one version allows crossplay, they next doesn't), and its pretty annoying.  I'd expect stable releases to be, well, stable.  Surprised that testing isn't done between platforms before stable versions go out.


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