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If I place 2 TNT, one will explode but another TnT's won't go away or knockbacked.It will explode but it does'nt go away each other, it just stay on the same position when it got exploded


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      When TNT exploded, it just stay on the same position it won't go away.

      Added by Auldrick:

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Place a TNT on the ground.
      2. Place a second TNT on top of it or beside it.
      3. Using flint and steel, ignite the first TNT.

      Observed results:
      The second TNT ignited but is not launched away by the explosion. However, if the block supporting it is destroyed, it will fall as usual.

      Expected results:
      The second TNT is ignited and launched away from the explosion. It explodes after flying some distance away.

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