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      I made a TNT cannon and when the primed tnt gets to the end of the water it falls through the ground.

      Additional information by Auldrick:

      Primed TNT at Y=64 will fall to Y=63, even if there is a solid block below it. It will then continue to fall until it encounters a solid surface below Y=63.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Place a TNT block on or above a surface at Y=64.
      2. Prime the TNT.

      Expected results:
      The TNT falls to the surface, stops, and explodes there.

      Actual results:
      The TNT falls through the Y=64 level to Y=63. It then continues falling until stopped by a solid surface below it.

      Additional information
      MCPE-43744 describes a similar issue that a player who stands on a chest at Y=63 will fall through it. This suggests that there is an issue with entity hit box detections at Y=64.

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