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Tipped arrows fire as normal arrows when held in off hand


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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Obtain a bow and tipped arrows
      2. Enchant the bow with Infinity
      3. Place the tipped arrows in the off-hand slot
      4. Fire the bow

      Observed Results:
      A normal arrow is fired.

      Expected Results:
      The tipped arrow should be fired.

      Original Description:
      When firing tipped arrows held in off hand bow fires normal arrows. If the arrows are placed in inventory they fire as tipped arrows with effect.

      Bow is enchanted with:

      Power IV, Infinity, Fire, Punch II, and Unbreaking III

      Also, tipped arrow in off hand is not consumed, at first I thought it was a bug that was allowing infinite tipped arrows, but I fired at wall and noticed there was no effect particles from bow. 

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