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'Tipped arrows' on off-hand with infinity bow shoots normal arrows infinitely instead of tipped arrow.


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      I was just shift-clicking my inventory and accidentally placed tipped arrow on my off-hand slot with no other arrows in my inventory.

      I tried shooting it with an infinity bow and it doesn't seem to work as the way it is suppose to.

      The result I thought that will happen:

      • Tipped arrow disappears from your off-hand as the bow (with infinity enchantment) shoots it.

      The result:

      • Tipped arrow stays in your off-hand and infinity bow shoots normal arrows instead.

      To reproduce:

      1. Grab a bow with infinity on it.
      2. Place a tipped arrow (single) on your off-hand.
      3. Shoot.

      Happens in realms as well.


      Happens on Windows 10 as well: Bug video for Windows 10 verison

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