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      I apologize if this is a Duplicate, I tried searching for this issue however saw nothing where it applies to Beta-Windows 10, Bedrock PC. Only java or consoles, or just the wrong versions.

      Ever since the newest 2/22/19 beta (At least that's when mine updated) update came out, I have not been able to get in the game at all. I click the icon to open the Game, I get the Loading Screen for a few seconds, it gets to be 80% loaded and then the game just winks out, like I never even clicked to launch it.

      I've done every bit of trouble shooting I can think of short of reinstalling the game, which I am too invested in my world to do.

      The other Beta player in my household of same version as me, can't launch the game either.

      Windows is not even registering it as a crash, it's treating it like I just hit [X] to close it myself.

            PhantomSith Amy H
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