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Game crashes on Nintendo Switch on saving/loading.



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    • 1.9.0
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      I have been an issue for a long time with my world. It comes and goes. I can't seem to understand what is provoking it. Sometimes, I won't be able to open my world. I try to open it and it seems to launch properly, the loading bar fills, then disappear, there is still new tips appearing, but after a while, the game crashes and I receive the message "The software was closed because an error occurred".

      Prior to 1.9, I would know only when trying to open the world. The saving process would complete properly, but I think something changed with 1.9. Because, now, when I try to save my world, sometimes the game freezes after I click the Save and Quit button. I have to click the Home button, close the game manually by switching users. Then, the Switch proceed to close the game, but it crashes. Again, the same "The software was closed because an error occurred" message. Upon returning to the game, trying to open the world makes the game crashes.

      I can't copy the world. The only work-around I have found when this happen is to upload the world to my Realm and download it back to my Switch, which is a hassle, but it seems to work to recover my world.


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