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      Firstly, the whole family plays minecraft, on the pc, Xbox and iPods/iPads! The issues we have are PE version 0.7.0 the kids love to play on iPods/pads to join each others game locally. Once you finally find the family member to on neck (why can't you go back to the easy menu of join game, instead of having to scroll hundreds of your worlds to find the person you want to connect with? Young children become frustrated!!) once finally locating game to connect, upon entering it is now ridiculously slow. The person you connected to has no difficulty but any player connected to their world has a few issues from, extremely slow moving, very jumpy and very hard to control!!!!

      Now with regards to chickens, after the new update, collecting eggs from three fenced chickens, exiting game to come back later to find they were no longer there! Also, when killing animals they are not spawning new ones! It would be nice to have either more animals or eggs for survival on PE version!

      While we are at it, why can't survival have different quartz blocks! You think seeing survival is a tad more difficult to play and to receive items, compared to Xbox and PC version, we could have a little more in survival PE version! Or else it's boring!!!! I have one older kid paying all three versions, iPod/pad, pc and Xbox, where my daughter only plays iPod - a little more thats offered in creative would be equally welcomed in survival!

      Other bugs have been mentioned, furnace, eating, fire, attempting to move armour without killing yourself. Haven't noticed as yet, but was growing tired with doors being duplicated, closing door and exiting game, coming back to find doors open... Break them to find there was two doors!!!!!


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