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Can't Make Village in the End?


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      When I created a village in the End (with the doors, blocks, and everything), the Villagers didn't recognize the buildings as homes. They didn't even release green particles after trading, and they tend to aimlessly wonder way too far from the supposed-to-be village. I used the same design (as I stated below) in the Overworld, and it worked absolutely fine, but it doesn't seem to work in the End. Was the feature removed or not added in yet?

      [In the End dimension, I made four hallow 4x3x4 (length, height, width) oak wood buildings - each 2 blocks apart - within a 12x12 (length, width) area (without blocks preventing access from the sky). Each building had a 2x2 (length or width, height) hole on each wall at ground level to allow 2 wooden doors on each side, resulting with 8 doors for each building to total with 36 doors. I also set torches along the sides of each of the highest corners of each building (totalling 2 torches on each corner, 8 for each building, and 36 in all). I placed 2 villagers (farmers) on the land and gave them each bread; nothing happened, even after they distributed bread to each other. I traded up to their maximum teirs, and I never saw a single green particle pop out of either of the villagers. They were still able to open and close doors for some reason, despite the fact that the buildings wouldn't register as homes. The villagers even started to wonder off way too far.]

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