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Can not connect to servers and friends with ease anymore



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      Back then during the time when Xbox live was still settling I was able to connect to servers with ease, with or without Xbox live. I also was able to join my friends, and invite them, while still in Xbox live. Now I can’t do that. I have used the same internet from then on to current day and I cannot connect to servers with it taking forever, to only have me be unable to connect, and if I’m lucky I will. I tried inviting people. I could not and even if I did reopen my world, 9/10 times it would not let me invite. I had to get really lucky. I could not see friends who are on in an online friends only game until I played survival solo for a while, and hoping they were still in that world and online. (I check Xbox app to see if they were on minecraft). My friend spam invited me because I asked them too, and it didn’t work because it took forever, and when I waited it out, it was unable to connect. The shop takes forever to load, as well as my achievements. Best part about this is the shop instantly loads without me being logged in! Did some update screw with the connection service to the point where apperently my internet will not connect? Keep in mind that the same internet running at decent speed allowed me to join servers before the Xbox live requirement. Is there some connect requirement that apperently my internet does not give?


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