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Crashes while opening application



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      Using an LG V30+ (Model Number: LG-LS998) and my purchased app of Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) was working great prior to the version that was updated via the Google Play store on July 10th, 2018. Obviously I have since rebooted it several times, this phone is solid... meaning I am unable to remove a battery.

      Currently I launch the game, it states the name MINECRAFT logo with a white background, it then acts like it's going to the next screen, and then the app closes with no error displayed. It's acting like an app crash that for some reason cannot handle the next loading screen which would be simply the main menu.

      I do have a file manager app on my LG V30+ that will allow me to view the internal storage and I can see in the root there is a games folder. Within it there is a com.mojang and from within there I have additional folders (attached to screenshot) but I'm not sure if there is anything relevant to help with determining the lingering issue of not being able to open it. I have opened the logs folder, but there are no files.

      I'd love to uninstall the game & perform a re-install, but I have local game data I'd love to save that I've spent hours creating with my family.

      Thoughts, Suggestions, or anything would be wonderful.


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